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"Better Than You"   04-06-08

Don't ever forget yourself
It's crucial to your health
Born in your own shade of light
Born to burn extra bright
Liars, stabbers, fakes and freaks
haters, bitches, fags and geeks
Everyday, second, minute, month
Look how fucking far you've come
so don't forget yourself
it's crucial to your wealth
Lovers, hookers, boys and girls
All played a part in your cheap pervs
so love me, hate me even more
just don't give up and close the door
but the door is shut, right in your face!
and trust me, I'm better than you when it comes to disgrace...



"an early goodbye"  08-18-07

To go before your time is a far too common honor
If that's my role, at least I did all I ever wanted.
You loved me, I loved her, we loved every minute
I was always the person that was meant to be
and was until I left this planet.
If I left a mark, If I made a dent
to me it was all worth it, every second fucking spent.



untitled.  08-18-07

Broken wings seem to be the things we always try to fly with
The lies I speak, I'll take with me, they'll be the ones I die with
Sooner or later, I don't know?
Heaven or hell, where will I go?
Life and limb, I sacrifice
too many times I've rolled the dice
too many feelings I've gotten involved
way too many mysteries that have now been solved
is forgiveness written?
I hope so...
will love be forever?
Close your eyes, go to sleep
maybe tomorrow we'll know...



"Like Him"   03-05-07   

If I could only be like him, that would be great
but I'm me instead...that I hate..
To be so colorful, so visually charismatic,
to live so freely. When I met him I was ecstatic
but he is just like me, his poem told it so
if he could see me now, if only he could know
how far I've come, who he inspired me to be 
he'd say "that kid in the crowd turned out to be just like me"
and I'd say "thank you for the biggest compliment of all"
2 crazy people existing to inspire and that's wonderful.
2 forms of entertainment living the dream
putting our hearts on the line just to hear them scream.
If I could only be like him, I'd be a mess...
God save the reckless, save us both from this madness



 "Hurt"       01-22-07         

At a loss for words...
With a gain of hurt.
You've caught your dreams,
what could be worse..?
Than you fucking it up and fuck yourself
Out of all worked for, there's nothing left
Watched myself slip....
Just let it slide...
Waited in the wrong line...
Now all I got was a short ride.
Don't know what to do,
Temptation from all directions
when left up to me....
Never make the right decision.
So bottoms up as dreams crash down
Fallen in my dream...finally hit the ground.




C. K  Decade    9-10-06     


Hi..................I did it 

I couldn't have done it if the picture didn't have you in it.. 

your long gone now, but I'm telling you now 

"I did it my love, thank you" (take a bow) 

it still feels strange and foreign to write your name and think of you from time to time, 

but when I do I smile cuz after all this time all I can remember are the good times.. 

Inspiration, faith, dreams, and true love. 

At 13 we never could have dreamed in 10 years what would come. 

You were there at the start, unfortunately not at the end.. 

it's really a shame we couldn't share it, you were still my best girlfriend, 

so your not anymore, and haven't been for awhile 

but if you ever read this....I did it for us and I hope it makes you smile.. X-)


"Flash back/forward (I know your agenda mother fucker)"   October 5, 2006


18 years old and a star to be... 

5 years later a pitiful scene 

lost in too many things 

finally hit the floor of your dreams. 

So here I am, in control of my own 

the only downer is waking up alone 

sick of the routine, these everyday habits.. 

I'm not using my heart.. here, you can have it, 

my dreams too, my money and fame. 

take my whole identity, my life and my name! 

sex, drugs, and rock n roll.. all I ever wanted.. 

is it worth what I've sold? is it worth being haunted? 

especially by the same demons day after day 

so much has changed since "I want it that way". 

And today I wear a broken heart on my chest so honestly

as I'm phading away from all that is beautiful 

I hate that I can't love you, but my life is wonderful?! 

I hope for a new song, one that I'll love 

but I've lost my patience and sacrificed too much 

If I saw what I've seen at 15 

I never could've handled it. It would've crushed me. 

so the bottom line is, any reality to a fantasy is fake..

corrupted by nothing but greed, evil, and hate. 

But please still chase your dreams.. I insist! 

cuz once your there, (under any circumstances) wont resist! 

but then the complexes are growing and now it's showing. 

You'll never see things the way I do (poor me) 

Not like you, I'm alone in the crowd (poor me) 

while your too fucked up to be honest, too scared to lose in any contest  in a 1 on 1. 

so instead you have your cerebral fun 

in conclusion, all you see if half of what you'll get, 

that's when you find yourself writing a poem in a question of regret.. 

while I hate how everything must be your way.. 

I HATE YOU and your name rhymes with everything you are.. _ _ _..




"quintuple jeopardy"  18/8/06   


The culmination of everything meant to be, coming to fruition 

The end of all questions and answers as fate makes its final decision  

and you will be there to witness the outcome 

You will see the rise and fall and what becomes 

Holding my last breath, safe inside myself 

Holding onto my dreams, sanity, and health, 

but all in the risk of slipping away, falling out of sight 

In the near of fear, trapped in the gray area between wrong and right 

For the first time with no solution to offer. running blind 

I blaze the trail to a place I can't seem to find...




"Path far from here (pyro)"  24/7/06 

Submersion of dreams
Your in my unconscious themes
I'm sorry, I have to say it, but you look like my cure
I want to know how it is to kiss you. I've dreamt its true but I want to
make sure
but this is my remained secret, BLACK as night
Hidden and disguised as friendship, contained feelings at each sight.
Blinded each time by the beauty of your character
There's so much I want to, that I'll never share with her





"Mine is ours"   24\7\06  



See 1, or see 2..                                    

Believe just like I do
The day comes and the day goes
You'll never change cuz its the life that you chose..
So hate it and live it, love it or leave it
Curse it or sin it, thank and believe it.
Remember what you came from, break away..
No matter what remember only you can own today.
So see 3 or see 4..see 69 more
Believe just like I do
Your the reason I'm here for





"Basterds 2"   7-22-06  

3am, disconnected, alone and again
Don't listen to me
Either way you'll never understand
I'm the last thing on your mind
You'll never know me, cuz myself I can't find
And its ok, cuz I've adapted..
Or have I? Maybe I'm just pretendin
Go here, say that...
Even if you don't feel it "DO THAT!!"
But I love you, that's why I fold
Made a bitch and do what I'm told.
I'll never lie and never hold back anything
If you want the truth, I'm a basterdized version of the real





"Basterds"  6-15-06


Its about time, not to shine but to die
As your tangled up and choke on your lies
In a world where "I'm sorry" just won't cut it
Now everyone must pick up the pieces cuz YOU fucked it
YOU broke it, its come to an end
Living a ruined life, thank you my friend
Saw it coming from a mile away
Like a deer caught in headlights, like an idiot I stayed
Now I'm def, mute, crippled in fear
Stuck and can't go anywhere but here
With an open wound and nothing you can do
How about having your cake and choking on it too?
Couldn't look at the sun before, was too bright
Now I stare for hours and the ends in sight
And now its time, not to shine but to die
And your left with your beginning question.....why??



"Lust=sadness"  6-15-06

If you think love can grow from looks, your sadly mistaken
But when you see that gorgeous person on the street that 

doesn't stop your heart from achin
Jealousy and envy set in, you even feel taunted
Now in the haze of infatuation they're all you ever wanted
Or maybe its just you want what you can't have...
What's out of reach, so close but can't grab
Whatever it is, it still triggers your emotion
Feels like someone slipped you a pill in your love potion
Now you'll go on the rest of the day with that one person in

 your head..
Tomorrow will pass by and you'll think of someone else instead
And you'll hurt just as much and want them just as bad
But if you think you can love them on looks alone...
That's why your alone and sad...


"Choke heard round the world"  5-13-06

Its too late now, but took forever to arrive
Now its over, ending the life of something never alive
Am I sorry? A little yes, a little no...
Not for what I did and NEVER for stealing the show
I must come to terms with what will be
Bury my dreams and scavenge for the soul I sold for free
Hopefully I'll learn how to forgive and forget
Until then I'll live with hate, but NEVER regret...


"What's your story?" 4-16-06 

To write the story of your life,
gotta keep up with everyday that goes by
take notice when the sun shines
embrace it when the clouds cry
feel it when the wind blows
take pride in knowing what no one else knows
Its hard to be yourself, but who else can you be?
at the end of the day only you can set yourself free
so sit back, relax, and take a deep breath
be thankful for it, for you never know how many you have left
so live with me as everyday goes by,
and thank you for being in this chapter in the story of my life...


"Damage Plan"  

I'm over it now and feel so fuckn ugly
This war in my head continues to bug me

She didn't call, fuck it nobody did
How do you go from the heart break 
to the heart broken kid?


I fall too easily to the bottom floor
Show me a little love and I'd die for a little more
A little more is all I need,
An addict hooked now feed my greed!

FUCK IT SCREW IT, I'm on my own
The poster child for bein alone
So thank you, fuck you all in one
Story of my life "your not the one"
I'm over it now and feel so fuckn lonely
This war in my life continues to own me...*




"Her fault" 11-08-05  

When food loses its taste, its your fault
when summer loses its heat, its your fault
and i'm stuck in suspension, and your not
how we locked eyes on stage, I havent forgot
how you stole each breath from my lungs
how you sung each one of your songs
and now in the haze of infatuation your what Ive been waiting for my whole life
and I knew it without looking twice
and now when these memories hold me at bay, its your fault
I could never forget the girl on stage...she's so hot*


"The World We Created"  11-08-05 

For 3 days the world stopped
For 3 days my heart dropped
A weekend with a foreign stranger,
turned into something I'll always remember
If only you could have stayed just 1 more day
now you'll haunt me as the 1 that got away
Maybe I'll see you again, maybe I wont
2 Rockstars in love, now separated and alone
I understood you, just like you did me
3 days in time, 2 hearts were set free
So forgive me if I say this 1 thing...
You'll always mean so much more than a holiday fling
Time will tell if we'll cross paths again
either way fate led me to a beautiful friend*



"Morgan Dreams"  11-08-05 

Too much for my head at 7am
not enough for my heart 24-7
my dreams are haunted by characters of my past...why?
somehow my mind is haunted by characters of my future...why?
Its not clear and too blurry to make sense at 7am
rest I need more than granted
I guess that's the price for getting all I ever wanted*




"Kids" 10-09-05  

At what age does innocence turn to ignorance?
what age are we allowed to stop throwing fits?
when does privilege turn to punishment?
now all your insults turn to compliments
unfortunately all my do´s turn to did´s,
at what age do we stop being kids?


"Chasco Aftermath"  10-09-05 

I thought I knew everything about nothing,
but I know nothing about everything
there's ups and downs
smiles and frowns
loves and losses
6´s and crosses
I thought I was on a path seeing straight ahead
but I cant see past my eyes and I'm lost instead
darks and lights
strengths and frights
win or lose
pick and choose
I want to choose the path to freedom
I want to gain knowledge and wisdom.

"uncensord thoughts"  10-09-05

Lets fuckn rock!
Scream fuckn loud!
forget how cool you are
fuck your inhibitions
and fuck your thoughts
who gives a shit?! LETS FUCKN ROCK!
It doesn't just hit your ears
It doesn't just fill your tears
It doesn't just numb your fears
Anyone who knows, is anyone who hears,
so fuckn rock!
Head to Toe, Heart and Soul
BORN TO ROCK...that's all I know
Fuck the drama, fuck the hate,
FUCKN know its great...


"This Moment"  10-09-05 

For a day, I have someone to sing about
For a few hours, I have someone to think about
For a few minutes, I have someone to infatuate over
For a few seconds my heart is tricked into falling in love
For a moment, I have someone to write about
For now...your my moment.



"Skin Deep"  -12-26-03  

What you see is not what you get
My description is simply a part of it,
a visible chapter is read when you look,
There's so much more to read if you open the book.
It may not be a best seller that fly's off the shelf,
all that can be offered is true self.
Judging any book by it's cover is something you chose
It's that lack of venture where YOU lose
You'll never know my name, my voice, or where I sleep,
All you know about me is skin deep...*



I'll find me, you find yourself too
Then I'll find you and you'll find me too
So infatuated, attracted, and distracted
I see myself in your eyes, you'll feel yourself in everything I do
Just show me the path...cause I can't fully find myself until I find you...*



"Man or boy?"   10-15-02 

A man looks in2 the mirror,
what does he see?
The man before him, or the boy he used 2 be?
Wondering how the boy developed in2 a man so fast,
what happened 2 time?
When did "The Future" become "The PAST"??
Thinking of the life he's led
scared 2 death of what lies ahead.
2 the man he hasn't changed a day in his life,
but now he's old enough 2 take a wife
How did he get where he is now?
When did wishing turn 2 how?
This is no man, only a boy could be so torn,
so hurt, so emotionally worn..
PICK yourself up man! YOU CAN!
Look in2 the mirror, what does he see?
He sees the man, and the boy...



"Everything" 4-9-03 

Every step I was there  

Every breath is what we shared

Every drip is what we've bled 

Every scream blew up our head 

Every pic is what we signed 

Every tear is what we've cried  

Every fight is what we had 

Every time one is mad 

Every show we shared the screen  

Every guy would get a scream 

Every show we'd say a prayer 

Every show...I'd say a prayer 

Every disappointment we faced 

Every good time we embraced 

Every doubt is what we had 

Every interview with Chad 

Every month, every year 

Every step...I was there...*




"Words to LIVE by"   6-2-04 

Welcome a change
LIVE while U can in the unknowing strange
shut out the light and let yourself BE
no1 needs light to see
jus be the ENERGY
most important, suit yourself cause that's clean livin
LIFE'S A CELEBRATION so fly with the wings your givin...*


"Questions"   5-1-03   

I don't want this,
I do want this,
I do need this
I say screw this!
When will it happen?
Will it happen?
How many times will I keep askin?
Thought I had it...
Swore I did...
What did I know, I was jus a kid...*


These thoughts go beyond sight
we're all blind, closed minds see no light
only vision is what two holes show
so much more to "reality" than what we know
too many see life as all there is
see the world for what it really is
my body keeps me "here", my spirit sees beyond "here"
beyond my eyes that only show fear
where always holding on, afraid to let go
what happens when you do? when you do, you'll know
we all "are" and exist, but more than we comprehend
cant think you "are", know it, don't pretend
body and mind be humbled and in awe of what's around us.
think and appreciate
knowledge is a gift
but ignorance to it all is bliss...*

    "Ode to self"   

i will live on
i will be strong
i will be set free
i will finally be me
i will carry on the real
i will embrace what i feel
i will be true to myself
i will answer to no one else
i will be extreme
i will be the team
i will never give up
i will never shut up
i will do what i want
i will never stop
i will stay true to myself
i will keep this ode to self...*



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