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If my time on earth was over,
Then the last thing I would do
Is to pray to God and just thank him
For blessing me with you
What you did for me was a miracle
Every word you said was true
You were always there and protected me
This song goes aut to you

Mama, I never meant to make you cry
Mama, forgive me for the times I hurt you
Mama, if I could only turn back time
My life would be complete

In my darest times, you're my shinin light
I can always count on you
You were there for me, when I couldn't see
And helped me make it through
Remember when I was just a little child
All the things we used to do
I will cherish all of the memories
That's why I sing this song to you

How am I to make it througt the night?
How am I to live my life when you're not here by my side?
Mama you're the reason why I've become a better man
Every word you said was true, and I'll make it up to you



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( csorba diana, 2009.05.15 11:59)

nagyon szeretem ezt a számot mert sok mindent el mond szép szövege van és nagyon szép ez a szám