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In The Club


Welcome to the Club ya'll
I see ya shorty
You lookin' naughty naughty
Let´s go

So we're back again
for a funky ride
Ain't no stopin' us
'cause we're down for life
US5's like dynamite
don't you know we got it right

Give me something hot
for their appetite
Everybody's down
for some real delight
I like the way you work
your body close to me

Bridge:I wanna rock
so girl get up
All that you want
I can give it
I wanna work your body up and down

Chorus(2x):Everybody in the club let's Party
All my fellaz grab a sexy shorty
All my girls lookin'naughty, naughty
And we all go - oh oh oh
Let's go!

Step into the crib into a party song
All the sexy girls just came along
They´re just so down with it and
we're bumpin´ through the night,all night

Give your body in the air
See the party people just everywhere
We like the way they work
their bodies to the beat
Oh yeah!

Bridge/ Chorus (2x)

All my people join the partyCome on down and shake that body
We got something for the club so girls...

Here we go just one more time
Girls go crazy for the disco
Boys are freakin' out so let´s go
This is how we roll the party,let's go
Welcome in the club

Here we go,That's right,aright
Lets dance,Yeah, US5,they work US5

I wanna rock so girl get up
All that you want I can give you
I wanna rock you up and down

Everybody in the club lets party
All my fellas grab a sexy shorty
All my girls lokin' naughty,naughty
And we all go oh oh oh
lets go



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